Contemporary Literary Review India | Print ISSN 2250-3366 | Online ISSN 2394-6075 | Impact Factor 8.1458 | Vol. 9, No. 1: CLRI February 2022

Binod Mishra

For Whom?

A sudden gust of wind

unwinding the locked tufts

of grass and of bright gulmohars

glistening amid the green branches.

Cherry-red lips moistened

with some drizzles longing

Holy waters flowing ceaselessly

to slake everyone’s thirst

the gongs and bells ever ringing

to spread peace and prosperity

but for whom?

They say nothing moves

without your order, O Lord!

The sharp eyes of the photographer

Famished, his furtive glances absurd

The fancy of the poet cheats

him of all his images fainting

gasping breathlessly for want of oxygen

milling crowds begging for spaces

both in hospice and in burial grounds

a belated coupon uselessly earned

but for whom?

No priests can awaken the dying mortals

losing their hopes before a virus

depleting mankind of their taste and smell

your messenger could forbid, O Lord!

Could all your sons foresee your cruel commands?

Depriving millions of wearing their newly stitched dress

designed to celebrate yearly festivities

failing their promises to their kids

dreaming for a covetous career

craving for years to continue the generational cycles

but for whom?

It’s time for prayer again, O Lord!

Open your eyes and see the venom

Your agents have spread through winds.

How can you loosen your hold upon the world?

You promised of health, harmony and happiness

Devoid of caste, colour and creed

The pet phrases of a handful of messiahs

Safeguarding their undivided reign.

No more are seen waiting for your cruel commands

Yet you stand with muted breath

but for whom?


The vast stretches of land

watch silently the atrocities

perpetrated on lambs every day

in the cave under caveats

at entry and exit points.

The day time gravity- a mere covering

bristles sacred hymns to hide cruelties

mixing kindness with equal measure

triumphing over worldly passions

under a façade of gentle smile.

There reigns an undivided peace

making way for the hissing serpent

to slough and slander away

for its innocent prey,

unaware of the worldly game.

The gentle bite --- a sudden jerk

a livid look—all in vain.

And there stood a simpering soul

wearing white-- like white lies

Lo! The messiah had come.

Binod Mishra teaches English at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India. A Ph.D on Mulk Raj Anand, Dr. Mishra specializes in Indian Writing in English. He has authored five books and edited 16 anthologies on various topics of English literature. One of his books titled Communication Skills for Engineers and Scientists published by PHI India is prescribed as a text as well as a reference book in many technical institutes. He has also published two poetry collections, namely Silent Steps and Other Poems (2011) and Multiple Waves (2017). Besides books, he has also published a good number of articles in reputed journals.

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