Contemporary Literary Review India | Print ISSN 2250-3366 | Online ISSN 2394-6075 | Impact Factor 8.1458 | Vol. 10, No. 3: CLRI August 2023

Dr Urvashi

A Mystique Journey Beyond Body

In realms where body embraces the mind,

A dance of contrast, worlds apart in space.

My body, tethered to earthly fears,

Shies from the tempests, quivers and slashes.

Yet my mind—a boundless sea,

Unfurls its waves, wild and free.

No mortal constraints, no chains to wear,

Fancy soars on wings of air.

My body—a vessel, frail and finite,

It ages, withers, in life’s waning light.

But my mind, though ageless, an eternal flame,

Igniting ideas— perennially.

My body stumbles, tires, and falls,

My mind, relentlessly sprawls,

Through knowledge, perhaps.

To distant realms, uncharted shores,

It journeys on and on,

Forever explores the infinite.

My body’s limits, a mere façade,

My mind’s horizons, forever broad.

It spins in orbits, defying time,

A cosmic dance, sublime, divine.

In the womb of existence, exists,

An intricate cobweb of worlds many.

Body and mind, intertwined though be,

A dichotomy of self, intricate, but free.

When my body yields to nature’s decree,

Will my mind break its ties earthly?

To soar aloft on intangible wings,

Unfettered by mortality’s strings.

In the maddening dance of life, I’ve found my goal,

The union of body, mind and soul.

Though in onism’s grip, I ponder and seek,

The essence of my true being, weird and mystique.

About the author
Dr Urvashi, a dentist by choice and a public health professional in government department by destiny, is undeniably a poet at heart. Her journey into the realm of literature which has been unveiled till now, is expansive and boundless horizon of creative expression. This newfound venture has ignited a passionate spark within her, inspiring her to take the leap and make her poetic debut. Driven by an innate and unwavering love for words and storytelling, she finds solace, joy, and feel emotionally energized within the realm of literature.
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