Two Poems by Kuldipsinh Jadeja

Eulogizing Her

Smile unbuttoned those sugary lush lips,

To lure the longing souls of beauty’s admirers.

Dark in color and light in movements,

Those with a shape scarcer than hen's teeth,

Puckered to bewilder me.

Mystery of thousands of poetry,

I could find in her hazel and liquid eyes.

Each move of her fringed eye lids

Ceased the tides of mad and lunatic seas.

Eye brows as if a deer jumping over a stream,

Garnished eyes to shake the world of beholders.

Carefully carved curves of curly curls,

Concealed soft ears almost

 To remind me of

Leaves of a delicate plant covered by creepers,

From the scorching rays of Sun.

I could find meaning of life,

And life started throbbing in each vein.

I exhaled in anticipation,

And blessed them all,

The craft, the crafted and the crafter.

A Union

Balmy breeze pampered buds,

To feel the velvet touch,

Coy but keen,

Preteens evinced not much,

But drew back lips to show delight.

Leaves were smiling to woo,

And flowers rejoice the scene and move.

Tree was bestowed upon a chance to witness it.

How can he miss a chance to respond to it!

Moving branches in agreement,

He just shook them all.

All danced with joyous zeal of adolescent,

And kissed each other tenderly to feel the moisture,

Sprinkled upon them by the dews of morning,

Shining brightly in beams of the sun in infancy.

Birds fluttered and flew from branch to branch,

Talking of the ranch,

Adding chirps in melodic symphony of nature.

Root, though under the soil,

Was filled with life to grow large and coil.

I blessed the union, then,

May God Save You From Cultured Man.



Kuldipsinh Jadeja is a lecturer in English, Department of English, C. U. Shah University, Surendranagar.




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