Jen Walls

Inside All

Chant love's cosmic swirl

belong then not to this world;

fly in sky's vastness


Bring heart soul-solace

let go and be inside-bliss;

live with nothing else


Breathe song ─ share heart-thrusts

dew bubbles upon spirit;

light the inner-world


Drop all this rushing

fall softly as drizzling dew;

love each moment through


Pray and meditate

sing quiet breaths ─ true oneness;

wake up soul-kindness


Bless with bliss-flowers

come inside heart ─ only feel;

give breaths into love


Hear whispered dewdrops

share joy ─ divine heart word-chimes;

abide with light-bliss



Reflect well in soul

flow vision through heart-journey;

see God inside all


Earth and Heaven Sing

Sound peace ─ grow rainbows

shine and flow through cloudy day;

meditate sun-rays


Pray long ─ vibrate song

be joy’s symphony-splendor;

bring alive wonder


Surrender fragrance

fly with sun ─ hot flares of beam;

flower fair beauty


Search motherly-bless

live free ─ breathe love everywhere;

find heart-perfect rest


Give forever soul-devotion

cross ocean of ignorance;

let earth and heaven sing



Shelter inside calm

love within freedom of soul;

delight in love-breaths


Bloom the heart-flower

shower-burst with sparkling light;

live as joy-oneness


Glow eternal truth ─ bliss

burn true soul-lamp ─ ignite flame;

wake from ignorance


Weave life into light

share loving kindness ─ beauty;

flow with grace of peace


Rest ─ give kind care-breaths

live full-soul ─ witness inside;

unfold petals-fresh


Jen Walls is an award-winning author, literary reviewer, and critic. She brings soulful love inside joyful heart’s radiance; pulsating us deeply inside a personality of rare positivity. Her first poetry collection, The Tender Petals was released November 2014, through Inner Child Press, USA. Her second book of co-authored poems OM Santih Santih Santih combined to offer divine nature was released November 2015, through The Poetry Society of India.

Her peace-filled poems come alive inside renowned print and electronic world peace anthologies from the USA, UK, Africa, and India. She recently received a 2016 Distinguished Poet Award, from Writers International Network (WIN, Canada) in Burnaby, British Columbia (May 27, 2016).

Jen currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. with her loving family.


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