Contemporary Literary Review India | Print ISSN 2250-3366 | Online ISSN 2394-6075 | Impact Factor 8.1458 | Vol. 9, No. 3: CLRI August 2022

Dr Sanjeew Kumar Chowdhary

World of fame

Always following current trends

Jay and Veeru, two bosom friends

Jay was skilled awesome carpenter

Veeru, equally good famous painter

One day bitten by celebrity bugs

Promised to be world famous picking rugs

Elated by His name chanting

God blessed them with one of Picasso's painting

Found abandoned somewhere in dustbin

Jay was about to throw it like rotten pumpkin

Veeru surprised by its colorful charm

Kept with him without doing any harm

One day Jay crafted the largest frame

Around that painting of world fame

"Will decorate into exclusive piece", Veeru took pledge

Judiciously applied all his lifetime knowledge

Coated with such beautiful out of book combination

Soon it famed universally as 'Jay Veeru's creation'

Across the bridge

Walking over an old bridge

Between this and that ridge

Existing since long

Known to be strong

Thought would be easy task

Comfortably idling to bask

Some body asked on way

"Which one would be better to stay

This or that ridge?"

"Either across the bridge"

Was my candid reply

Not feeling at all shy

"Are you not a man of single faith?"

Asked me in simmering wrath

Taken aback by his emotion

My thought process derailed into commotion

Why to differentiate between two

When both appear similar too

Both belong to mother nature

Not much difference in their stature

River flowing in between remains the same

Marked difference in only their name

Or maybe construed by rigid faith mongers

New emerging reckless bloggers

Trying to logjam the bridge

between this and that ridge


If Innocent remarks do give pain

Pranks put you in disdain

Can't smell love and nectarine fragrance

It's simply out of arrogance

Arrogance prevents introspection

Thereby defies autocorrection

Dries up all juice inside

Leaving there only swollen pride

Which gets hurt on slightest prick

Refuses to take anything in good nick

Tries to refute even a banter

Loves to fret instead of laughter

Living under constant threat

His death event may not be so great

Out of this fear, spoils day to day life

Rebuffing overtures, picks up strife

Always indulges in building image

Sheepish manners and espionage

Pulls and pushes preferred tools

Hailed by surrounding greedy fools

Successes boil deep in head

Softer feelings slowly dead

Truth or lie no more matters

Past principles left in tatters

Keeping self above all

Relishes on others' fall

Never ready to climb down

Head held high,

apprehending slip of crown

Every time - now and then

Sits tight in fortified den.

Dr Sanjeew Kumar Chowdhary is plastic surgeon by profession and has got keen interest in literature. He has bilingual publications both in English and Hindi, his poems published in many newspapers as well as magazines. He has also credit of 3 books of poems in Hindi published and sold on Amazon.

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