Contemporary Literary Review India | Print ISSN 2250-3366 | Online ISSN 2394-6075 | Impact Factor 8.1458 | Vol. 9, No. 3: CLRI August 2022

Aradhana Jyala

Crimson Clover

Flower girl snorting lines of pollen,

she is a rotten petal.

Travelling the highway of veins,

beneath the delicate parchment of skin,

flooded with crimson ink.

In this world that is too loud,

the sound of her mind,

is the softest noise leaking out.

A part of her is absent,

but still so relevant,

Like how your fingers wouldn't be useful,

without the spaces between them.

Etched soul trapped in the melancholic croon,

of a capricious muse.

Basking in the delusional opulence of,

plush velvet blues.

Poetry Confetti

She has crystal door knobs where her eyes used to be,

One turn & they learned what it really means to see.

A length of midnight swirling across her lips,

And half a sea on the shores of her eyelids.

A girl like a young blue moon,

Cocooned within the safety of a satin night.

A forgotten lore,

Is she the silence or the secret that cannot be told?

A girl made of smoke signals and a brand of matchsticks,

And you wonder why she avoids men with fire on their fingertips.

Conjuring fragments of poetry,

Like butterfly confetti.

She'll fit herself into the gaps between your teeth,

Lacing every word you speak with her bite.

Still the way she speaks makes it seem,

As though words are scared of going anywhere near her teeth.

A Girl with a soul like a library,

Searching for a keeper in love with books and poetry.

She's the post-good book depression,

Except sometimes you have to remind yourself that she's not fiction.

No one ever taught me about the shades of gray,

I never learned much between love and hate.

Please first let me understand your mindset,

Only then I'll let you explore my depth.


Aradhana Jyala is a Nainital-based voyeur and word-weaver. She won the Critics Choice Award for poetry at her postgraduate college, in Pune University. When she isn’t enjoying late afternoons with the monkeys, she paints and her favourite colour is whatever the sun does to people’s hair. She also served as a contractual Assistant Professor at Kumaun University, Uttarakhand, briefly.

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