Contemporary Literary Review India | eISSN 2394-6075 | Vol 2 No 1: CLRI February 2015

Dr. Dalip Kumar Khetarpal

Christ’s Second Coming — A Spiritual Rationalist’s Perception


Lord Jesus was sent to this earth*

To reveal the real character of God,

To show His great love for humans,

By dying on the Cross,

And to eradicate sin.

As ordained in The Holy Bible,

I’ve been restlessly waiting

For the return of Christ,

“For the Lord Himself will descend

From heaven with a shout,

With the voice of an archangel,

And with the trumpet of God,

And the dead in Christ will rise first.” Thessalonians: 4: 16.

I could but neither see

Nor even visualize His arrival

In any tangible form

At any point of time,

Despite strenuous efforts.

Though 2000 years have elapsed,

The sinners are still galore, sinning,

Rather with greater intensity.

But Jesus, an ocean of forgiveness,

Would leave us not

In our wretchedness sinful

For, His erring children

And even His evil angels who "don't die”

Will be renewed, He says,

"Behold, I make things ALL NEW!" Revelation: 21:5

"I came not to destroy men's lives

But to SAVE them" Luke: 9:56

"And, if I be lifted up from the earth,

I will draw all peoples to Myself" John: 12:32.

Does ‘All’ include sinners also?

No, the incorrigible sinners,

Will live in hell eternally

With Satan, an eternal evil incarnate,

Thrown “…into the everlasting fire

Prepared for the devil and his angels.” Matthew: 25:41,

But being immortal they would also,

In some form, perpetuate sin eternally

On this planet, susceptible to all evils,

Eternalizing sin and evil simultaneously

………as it were.

Sin, in fact, started with the evil angels,

But humans, God’s latter new order of creation

Are also shockingly, born with sin —

——being an off-spring of Adam,

‘Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity

And in my sin my mother conceived me’ Psalm: 51:5.

So, even without sinning virtually

"ALL have sinned. . ." Romans: 3:23.

Now, to deem a love- begotten- infant a sinner

Or to deem the proliferating of sin

Through bringing forth

More and more children on earth

Already contaminated with sin,

Seems rather absurd and unimaginable

Unless one’s faith in God as elucidated

In The Holy Bible

Is unswerving and unquestioning.

But does not the whole baseless idea

Of atonement for sins

Explicated in the scriptures become invalid

For a questioning mind?

Further, it is man’s faith, his theism

That generates religion

Wherefrom also springs the concept of sin,

For, there is no religion, sin or even scriptural God

For an atheist, agnostic, nihilist or skeptic.

Now, even if presumed that

Religion really or delusively exists for believers

One naturally would still like to query

Why didn't God do away

With the pre-natal contentious,

Rather eternal irritant like sin

That first afflicted those one third of the angels

Who were the first sinners,

Whose sinful activities had been bothering Him

In the celestial realms for quite some time

Much before the creation of this earth?

God, with great love and care,

Created Adam and Eve perfectly,

But then placed Satan right near them,

To probably, get them tempted to eat

The forbidden fruit grown on the tree

Of Knowledge, of Good and Evil.

Things so, began with the stimulation

Of their God-gifted innate ruinous curiosity

Susceptible to Satan’s temptation

And God’s anger---- a negative emotion of humans

Which finally led to catastrophic condemnation

By His seemingly furious Self……

…….all wrought for eating the forbidden fruit……

…. severest test ever conceived

For obedience till date.

But viewed if objectively,

The spontaneous unconscious act of disobedience

Was akin, just to trivial kindergarten fault

Inadvertently committed by poor innocent novices

Ignorant of sin hitherto.

Really, how the magnitude of punishment

Should far exceed the quantum of love and solace

Initially displayed by God, is really, terribly painful!

Still, God seems to cherish and relish

His praise and glorification by His believers

“Whosoever offers praise glorifies Me,” Psalm: 50:23,

Followed by the imploring look

Of His desperately eager believer

Beseeching Him to be helped in testifying his praise:

“O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall

Show forth Your praise” Psalm: 51:15.

Was all this required when the Omniscient knows

What lies hid in human psyche?

Ironically, manifesting love, then creating sin,

Allowing it to grow and flourish,

And subsequently, condemning

And redeeming mankind from the sins

Through the sacrifice of Christ

Reveals God as one who alternate

Love with harsh and capricious punishment,

But finally, clearing the whole mess

With love and sacrifice in such a way

That the whole stuff becomes

A pattern strange with an air of mystery

Surrounding it.

Though this appears startling and confounding

To all thinking, probing, delving believers,

It surely appeals and convinces

His pious, but blind credulous believers

Who believe “The secret things belong

To the Lord our God, but those things

Which are revealed belong to us

And to our children forever, that we may

Do all the words of this law.” Deuteronomy: 29:29.

Despite all weird scriptural mysteries,

Unnatural twists and turns,

The harsh fact that perennially pinches most believers is,

Most unnecessarily, tragically and pitifully,

"The Lamb was slain from the foundation

Of the world," Revelation: 13:8.

But that was the Plan of Salvation

Which obviously was designed

Before the earth was created,

For, the sacrifice of innocent lamb-like Christ

Had to be made

To fulfill God’s desire,

To remedy what had gone wrong

In the higher sphere

And also to provide salvation for sinners on earth

Who otherwise would have been lost or damned,

Though, as obvious, no sphere

Has obviously been cleansed

Of any sin or evil till date.

But, such was an elaborately intricate pattern

And uncanny Plan of Salvation

That, except ingenuous believers,

None can ever stomach,

Especially, devotees with lateral thinking,

Common sense and reason-----

…….God’s own special gift to mankind.

We all know that darkness is nothing

But the absence of light.

In the beginning when “the earth was without form”,

When “darkness was on the face of the deep” Genesis: 1: 2.

God ordained, "Let there be light,

And there was light”, Genesis: 1:3.

It would have been more feasible

And infinitely beneficial

To all evil angels and mankind, both

If God had also ordained, “Let cosmos be sin-free,

And the entire cosmos was sin-free.”

The indescribably painful

Psycho-somatic odyssey

Gone through by Christ

And His ultimate crucifixion

Seemed completely redundant.

So, God’s plan, as The Holy Bible affirms,

Was not flawless….. if reason is not

A very poor substitute for blind faith.

Sinners die, Christ also died, but only physically,

For He was eternal

And so was later resurrected,

Though recognized as the “Son of God,"

He appeared in human guise

So that it could be possible for Him

To come and live with us

And finally give away His life most voluntarily,

Solely for purging the sins of the universe.

Humans, especially Christian believers

Are in pressing and dire need of God

As, as presumed, they are drenched with sin

And so have to make frantic attempts

To wash it off with the help of God and prayers.

But how far He helps them in granting absolution

Is still a moot point.

In conformity with God’s plan,

Christ displayed exemplary endurance,

Shed infinite blood,

Before and during His crucifixion

But salvaged nothing, but Himself,

Through resurrection.

Lazarus, John: 11 : 43,

A widow’s son: Luke : 7: 14,

Jairus daughter: Matthew : 9: 25

Also resurrected,

And salvaged themselves,

For their faith in Christ was firm,

But faith-less modern sinners,

Must so be beyond redemption

And can hence, see no resurrection.

Christ then, must also stop bleeding eternally

For at least those beyond redemption…..

……being the offspring of eternal Satan.

Parallel to this,

The virtuous also today

Salvage nothing, not even their own selves

Even after displaying

Remarkable sacrifice and endurance

To endure the pain, the suffering

That is even beyond endurance,

To further only endure the long-awaited, expected

And excruciatingly silent

Perceptible/imperceptible impending cataclysm

With bleeding hearts and dismal squeaks and groans.

Owing to various flaws

And inherent contradictions and dichotomies

In religion

That often suspends man

Between belief and disbelief….

… extremely painful state,

One is still unsure

Whether he is religious or irreligious

Or even should even be religious or not,

Whether he is rooted or even rootless…..

…….all creating a state of uncertainty,

Of terrible predicament, of doubt, of suspense….

……often shattering his psyche.

The current bleak scenario also,

Perhaps, the bleakest in the history of mankind,

Left me smoldering within so much for years

That, though being a deist, I wanted to ask

The universally worshipped God

Through the mind of a theist

Why demons have been given so much time

To go on

With their orgy of bloodshed, rape,

Murder, plunder and evil deeds multifarious.

When everything has gone topsy-turvy,

Every ill, irremediable

Every good, irreversible,

Every damage, irreparable,

Every love, fleeting and transient,

Should I then

With some credulity presume, especially

After witnessing large scale

Physical cataclysm and ecological disasters

That cataclysm has struck

‘With a whimper’

And not ‘with a bang’

And God has emerged triumphant

In this God-Satan long silent war of attrition?

But that is also still a moot point.

Despite all contradictions, setbacks and pitfalls

In creation or God’s plan

As imagined, felt and thought by rationalist believers,

And despite the dilution of living faith

By a perceptive, thinking analytical mind,

Created by God Himself,

The scope, significance and impact

Of God have not waned,

For, the believers with strong right brain

Are always busy improvising special prayers

And sometimes chanting

Their stereotyped hymns,

With seemingly greater enthusiasm

And involvement,

With the hope

To be transported to heaven

Or sneak into it

To pilfer some nectar from there.

But conversely, when atheists also along with theists

Pursue religion——a common human theatrics,

And when the Omniscient

And Omnipresent really perceives

He should wryly grin

At this farce.

The farce deepens

On witnessing those devotees

Who pray most devotedly, passionately

With mad enthusiasm---being the worst sinners.

Their schizophrenic prayers

Also emanate from their lowest

Sinful activities.

Further, when their prayers

Are blended unconsciously/subconsciously

With the worst immoral ideas,

When they try

To create an illusion

About their devotion

Before the Omniscient,

He should feel disheartened, disillusioned

And demoralized

And should not go getting

Delusions of grandeur

On listening to

Their theatrical prayers.

The Almighty

Must have also realized that

The human mind——His own creation

That tends towards Him

Also tends towards

Temptations and worldly pleasures,

Towards logic, reason and science.

As such, He must surely feel penitent

To see Himself evaluated and analyzed,

Questioned and dissected by his own created beings.

But will He be humble

To repent and realize His fault?

He must if he is alive and awake

To all scurvy human affairs

And to the glare

Of topsy-turvy creation

With its inherent clash

Between flesh and spirit, vice and virtue,

Religion and science, and faith and reason.

Now, even if all syllogism, ratiocination and rationality

Are to be set aside

And even if one immerses oneself wholly

In the Holy Bible

With all requisite prayers and meditation

That often gives peace and satisfaction,

Nothing positive obviously will emerge

For both the fate of man

And the whole cosmic scenario is,

As it was, as it has been, and had been.

Though religion may not stand

The onslaught of logic or psycho- analysis

And though untenable theories and concepts

Or unanswered questions on religion

Breed fear, suspense, uncertainty

And even disbelief in no small measure,

One has still to bank on it

To be rooted in life,

To be properly protected

And sheltered from all problems and crises…..

……..though, perhaps, psychologically.

Further, one’s own inner divine spark or intuition,

His own innate spiritual and moral consciousness,

Draw him quite naturally towards religion mystique

With rather astonishing velocity,

For, it is only religion that is replete with

Spiritual, moral, sublime and divine values, contents,

And essence already inherent in him

With varying degree;

It is also only the language of religion

That is couched in the vernacular

Of the human spirit

That drenches it

To the core, rejuvenates it

And finally kindles faith in it.

It is precisely because of this that

This planet is flooded with believers.

Religion, with its divine and benign influence

Has carved successfully

The image of Gods

On human psyche

That anchors him to life,

Works as hinges,

Moves him unhindered,

Facilitates his survival

And smoothens his existence

For, he is so weak, so dependable

So insufficient, so pitiable

So helpless and so hapless,

Pitted against fate

Every now and then

In this inscrutable world.

When help and succor

From nature and humans

Is not forthcoming

His logic, reason and rationalization

Capacities and skills

Are bound to give in,

For he finds nothing else to cling on

But only to God (be it delusive or imagined)

Only whom he can implore

To extricate him

Out of the mess.

God then becomes a Savior

A Reliever, Pacifier

Who acts as a strong

Psycho- spiritual base

For his existence

Confirming vicariously also His own existence…..

…… some way.

Though abstract and mysterious,

God is truly man’s most ideal concept,

Most compelling, fascinating illusion

And weirdest and sublime mystery

Man has ever created, visualized or imagined.

Man can never ever

Think, imagine and feel

Anything better, greater

And more sublime than God

For endless ages to come.

If this be really so,

Even illusion of God seemingly becomes

A delusion sweet, concrete and real

That Borders on faith

That emanates naturally from the spirit of man

From perhaps, the divine spark

That often sparks

When scriptural verses seep into his spirit,

When he sees God in imagination

Or as a living reality,

But pathetically sees his transient self

As still an illusion, living amidst

Countless transient persons and things

Illusive………incredibly followed by

A weird demonic realization that

Even God would dwindle into illusion

When he dies,

For God can live only as long as he is conscious

Of His existence.

After many years of breakneck scrutiny and analysis

From groping, pondering, meditating

And brain storming exercises,

To final doubting, confusion, predicament

And fatal exhaustion,

My flummoxed and ambivalent self

Arrived nowhere

As my faith had been flickering,

Waxing and waning

Throughout my psychic odyssey

Amidst weirdly diversified

Human drama.

Besieged by

Dark-narrow-blind alleys thus,

I could go nowhere

See no light.

An unknown spark in me then

Suddenly sparked one fine morn,

Flooding my whole being

With intense light.

Inspired and freely carried away

By this light

That seemed divine

That ended my endless, uncertain

Labyrinthine spiritual journey

That annihilated the darkness

Of my ignorance, of the limitations

Of my logic, my reasoning powers,

I humbly kneel before

Thy greatest Self

In supplication today

And pray to Thee.

Being an illusion myself

I yearn for fusion with Thy immortal self

But the impact of this fusion

Should be such

That puts my transient self

On the path of eternity,

That strips

My illusive hallucinatory existence

Of its delusions,

That rekindles and rejuvenates

My the dying- living faith,

That reduces

Even the impact of nuclear fusion

To a mere illusion,

And saves my psyche

From eternal maim.

Dr. Dalip Kumar Khetarpal has a long experience as a Lecturer with various colleges in Delhi and Haryana. Dr Dalip has also started a new genre in the field of poetry which he calls ‗psycho-psychic flints‘. His poems are flints because they emit spark when they hit the readers‘ mind. His criticism and poems are appear widely both in national and international magazines and journals.

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