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Book Review on Lawrence Dreiser’s 'Freedom from Fear'

by Dr. B.H.S. Thimmappa

A Magical Mystery and an Enriching Experience

The “Freedom from Fear” novel by Lawrence Dreiser is a well written investigative novel. The child prodigy with a superhuman intelligence background helps the reader to look at the perspective of the author’s intention. The story is exciting and original. The controversial content serves to help advance the reader’s understanding of theme and character. The author has paced the story well with the chronological order of incidents. The reader is inspired to keep turning the pages in the middle of the novel. The suspense interspersed in between the incidents is quite successful. It involves a combination of exciting themes of courage and hypocrisy. This moderate approach makes it a successful novel with many readers. This novel is charming, sentimental, and relevant. The rich narrative in a smooth language takes the reader to a higher trust level.

The characters with some good and several bad qualities reflect the exact traits of their personalities. The description involves their physical attributes, use of proper adjectives, specific details, immediate surroundings set in motion. The dialogues of the speakers are just perfect under the given circumstances. They add a distinctive flavor to our understanding of the characters and help to advance the plot.

The setting and description are compelling and convincing. It evokes the reader’s mind, a vivid picture of a place or person. The beautiful narration adequately integrated into the story makes the novel more alive. The description of situations and insights is purposeful.

This book is an admirable work that elaborately details the intricacies of forensic investigations, human relationships, and moral values. The whole book is filled with the fulfilment of expectations and the maintenance of those peculiar relationships. The telling of the tale in powerful prose is all very well, even topical, and broadens our perspectives about life in general. It is of significance to right-thinking people and those with optimism. Overall, it is a mature effort to write a literary novel, carrying forward the literary theme as it aspires to. It is an exciting novel that handles its themes very well. A linear narration with some twists and turns makes it an eminently readable book. This novel is guaranteed to have readers eagerly turning the pages to find out what is to follow. We began to think of reading another novel by the same author, and it has left us waiting for his next title already. Others can look out for future writing from Lawrence Dreiser.

Title: Freedom from Fear

Author: Lawrence Dreiser


Dr. B.H.S. Thimmappa has a Ph.D. from IIT-Bombay. He writes mainly about higher education issues. His work related to poetry has been published in Muse India and The Criterion. He is currently working as a professor at MIT, Manipal.

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