Contemporary Literary Review India | Print ISSN 2250-3366 | Online ISSN 2394-6075 | Impact Factor 8.1458 | Vol. 8, No. 2: CLRI May 2021

Shubha Pai, Raga Lahari, Pallavi Sharma


A homo sapien from a faraway land

Strands like the Amazon

The warmth of flushed cheeks

Twinkling bodies spread across the vast night sky

Had seen many skies

A bold reaction to the wrong imprisonment

Tightening of pants

Slithering like a snake

It's movement helps me talk and makes you scream

Tasted like the freshly opened bottle of Old Monk

Your absence feels like stapling of my flesh

You were the home for this wandering soul

A joker's grin for life

Worshipping the guillotined head

An often questioned omnipresent figure

A chain reaction on the Ghat road

Tuber that makes the modern day Seetama cross the Rekha

Wailing, screaming, scratching, biting

Mirror or lover's photo in the hand of a living soul.

Shubha Pai
spShubha Pai completed her triple major degrees in Psychology, English and Journalism from Loyola Academy, Hyderabad. Her works have been previously published in the anthologies ‘The Loved One’ and ‘Hoped Reality’. She has also published a paper in the Indian Journal of Gerontology, 2021. She is currently pursuing her post-graduation in Health Psychology from University of Hyderabad.
Raga Lahari A
rlaRaga Lahari A is currently pursuing her post-graduation in Psychology from Sampurna Montfort College, Bangalore. She studied Psychology, English and Journalism at Loyola Academy, Hyderabad. She has always been an enthusiast in creative writing and has published two short stories in anthologies titled 'Hoped Reality' and 'The Loved One'.
Pallavi Sharma
psPallavi Sharma is currently working as an 'Associate Content Specialist' at Thomson Reuters. She pursued her bachelor's in Psychology, English and Journalism from Loyola Academy, Hyderabad. Literature always fascinated her. She also conducted a research in the field of children's literature.

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