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Revenge of Monkey

Sudip Sen Gupta

Some incidents still happen in our world whose scientific explanation not yet discovered. Those could be treated as a matter of coincidence. As a project In charge of a company once I met Abdul Aziz in a thermal plant construction field. My daily responsibilities were before attending any progress meeting with client, I would stroll around the site to assess the quantum of work completed. Abdul Aziz as an ox-acetylene gas cutter would work with one mechanical engineering concern on contractual service basis. I had noticed that during sun set he would offer pray to God without fail. In lunch time also I noticed him, to offer pray to God invariably. With curiosity in mind once I asked him about his so concentration towards daily pray. No need to mention that I was an atheist. With a little smile, he told me that Sir you are standing on your feet in healthy manner only by the will of God. Then he told me in detail about him. He was an unmarried person. In order to avoid financial burden on him as well as family, he remained unmarried. He was doing his service to earn his daily bread & butter as a contractual workman. He told me that whenever he was in spare time, he would offer prayer to God to forgive him for his any sins towards anybody unintentionally. His philosophical outlook towards life caught my attention. I expressed my desire to meet him other day as per his convenience.

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However I forgot the matter in due course of time due to work pressure. One particular day at evening, I was busy with some official work. My office bearer came to me & told some Abdul was waiting to meet me. I asked to show him in and prepare two cups of tea.

I urged him to tell me his first experience which made him such a strong believer. He narrated one of his experiences which gave me goose bumps. Once he was engaged in a heavy plate cutting work by oxy–acetylene gas cutter in a project side. The project site was enclosed with protective wall. There was a particular banyan tree near the enclosure. Local people considered this tree to be sacred and would offer their prayers to it. The tree was home to numerous monkeys. As in their nature, they would constantly howl and screech among themselves and thus would be constant source to noise. Locals were habituated with this. Once Abdul was working in a boiler floor, which was under construction and he noticed that a huge monkey was sitting silently at the corner of the floor near him. Naturally he was taken aback and tried to shoo it away. But the monkey didnt even care about his presence and after a while left nonchalantly. Abdul came to know from other workers that the monkey was a regular visitor to the boiler. Many workmen would offer him bananas, biscuits even food from their lunch boxes. Monkey would witness entire episode of the daily work silently sitting on one corner of floor. Some would even joke that it was an unpaid supervisor. At the end of the day, it would return to the tree. Trouble began when some temporary workers were hired for the completion of the project since it was very demanding. These people were not at all serious about their work and were looking to make quick money. But since they all agreed to work on a low wage and due to the time constraints of the project they were brought in. During work they used to make all sorts of ruckus among themselves. Usually other usual workers would avoid them from creation of any unwanted incident.

These flippant workers started to tease the monkey in different ways. Though other workers requested them not to harm the innocent monkey, they didnt stop. The monkey, was also perhaps annoyed with these assault, stopped visiting the boiler. The other workers being superstitious in their believe started predicting that some sort of a mishap might occur very soon. Disheartened, they continued working with fear in their heart.

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Then it happened. One day a sudden tremendous gas explosion created a dangerous situation in the area where those hostile workers were working. Everybody rushed to the spot. Evacuation of grievously injured workers started. Surprisingly four workers among the injured were those hooligans. At the explosion time they appeared on the spot for gossiping among themselves. Their injuries were so dangerous that their life were at risk as per the local hospital reports. They had been transferred to other hospital for better treatment. Their fate were not known to Abdul.

Abdul observed that during the entire event the monkeys were no where to be seen. I interjected. I said that maybe its because that the studies shown animals could sense the incoming of impending danger. Abdul smiled. He countered that locals could hear abnormally high commotion particularly from the direction of the tree during midnight last night. Some villagers even went about to see what was happening, but couldnt see anything. The tree remained still. Since then I have started believing in Karma. You reap what you sow. I started to believe in God henceforth.

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Sudip Sen Gupta is based in West Bengal and writes short stories.

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