Contemporary Literary Review India (CLRI) is a literary journal in English and publishes a wide variety of creative pieces including poems, stories, research papers (literary criticism), book reviews, film reviews, essays, arts, and photography of the best quality of the time. CLRI is an internationally referred journal and publishes authors from around the world. It is one of the leading journals in the field of English literature and language. 

CLRI Editions

Contemporary Literary Review India (CLRI) comes out in two editions, online and print. The online edition has ISSN 2394-6075 and the print edition has ISSN 2250-3366. All articles published with the online edition are included in the print edition also. 

Submission Fee

CLRI does not charge any reading fee or publishing fee for the online or print edition. It is absolutely free to register, submit and get published with us.

Any article published with our online edition (ISSN 2394-6075) is subsequently included in the print edition (ISSN 2250-3366) also. Our print copies are distributed to various libraries and authors in India.

However, we send paperback copies to those authors who are paid subscribers with us. As a paid subscriber, you get 4 issues in a year, whether your article is published in any issue or not. For details, please see Subscribe to CLRI

Author Remuneration

Currently, we do not pay any remuneration to the authors who we publish. Authors must agree to this condition to get published with us.

Financial Support

Our online edition is freely accessible. All articles published with us are accessible to the readers on the policy of encouraging open access to literature and arts. We generate revenue through paid subscription to out print edition. We send our print copies only to the paid subscribers. Our annual subscription is Rs 2000/ only. However, subscription to our journal is not required to get published with us. We don’t charge any money to submit to us or get published with us.

How to Submit?

We prefer online submission. Please submit here. Make Submission Now! In case of technical issue, you may send your submission to: clrijournal(at)

For you, see Aim & ScopeSubmission Guidelines (download PDF).

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