Copyright Notice

Please follow these guidelines.
1. Copyrights lie with the authors/contributors. The responsibility of the concept expressed in the writings published with any of our literary journals lies with the authors and Creative Content Media or Contemporary Literary Review India does not support or oppose any ideas of the authors or artists.
2. We ask for first publishing rights from the submitting authors. Once an article is published with CLRI, authors can use their articles as and when they like with due credit to us with issue number/date, for which they do not need to ask for permission from us.
3. We aim to promote knowledge and to propagate knowledge, we permit readers and authors to use, quote, and refer from any articles published with CLRI freely. Authors must agree to this nature of copyright before they submit to us. However any readers or authors must give due credit to the authors and this journal properly with issue number and dates.
4. We may make our content as a complete journal, anthology or in any other format either as soft copies or in print with several marketplaces for sales or through subscription. Authors must agree to this nature of copyright before they submit to us.
5. We nominate authors published with CLRI to various literary awards and prizes as and when required. Authors give us permission to nominate their names and their works without requiring us to ask prior permission and notifying them. If time permits, we would notify them.
6. We don't accept any articles that reflect pornography, uses racial language, hatred or any sorts of aversion.
7. We do not pay to the authors presently.