Contemporary Literary Review India (CLRI) provides training and lectures to academic institutions, colleges, universities, libraries in the disciplines such as arts and humanities, English literature, science, commerce, pharmacy and nursing, and other disciplines. The training is targeted for researchers, thesis writers, MPhil and PhD students, independent researchers, lecturers, professors, and authors to write the papers for the journals globally.


Our training includes the following areas.

  1. Guide the researchers and authors how to prepare research papers for journals. This training is helpful to those who are new into the research field such as those who are pursuing M.Phil. and PhD degrees and want to write best research papers.
  2. Guide on how to format the papers. This training will help the authors prepare the papers for international journals.
  3. Where to publish. We train the researchers which journals they should choose to publish and which journal they should not. What is predatory journal and what is publication ethics?
  4. Why editing is necessary?Why editing is important? Why you should focus on editing.

Duration: The training is tailored for 2-4 hours.

Schedule: We train on the premises of the colleges, universities, and academic institutions. Please share your choice of dates (days) and time. We will let you know which time and dates we are available.

Fee: We charge for the training.

Contact: clrijournal(at)