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We encourage readers, writers, libraries, colleges, universities and academic institutions to subscribe to CLRI. Although our online editions are freely accessible to all, we distribute the paperback copies of the print edition to the paid subscribers only.

We have two types of members with us.

Free subscribers: While submitting articles with us online, you create an account with our system for free. Or you can directly subscribe to us even without submitting any articles for free. This way you become a member of our newsletter and we send updates to you through emails. It is absolutely free to register, submit and get published with us. 

Paid subscribers: You can become a paid subscriber only by paying the annual subscription of Rs. 2000.00 only if you are based in India or US$50.00 only if you are from overseas. Any individuals, libraries, colleges, universities and academic institutions can subscribe to us at any point of time.

Each copy of our print edition is priced at Rs. 699.00. As a paid subscriber, you will receive four copies in a year. Moreover, anyone can buy additional copies of the print edition at the said price. Please note that paying subscription fee does not guarantee publication of papers by any author. Publication is subject to editorial process. 

What Subscription Means?

Subscription means you are entitled to receive four paper copies of our journals in a year, whether your article is published or not in an issue. Please note subscribing to us is independent of getting published with us. We don’t charge any reading fee or publishing fee. Hence don’t assume that by paying the subscription fee, you can guarantee the publishing opportunity. 

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Make the annual subscription of Rs 2000.00 only to the following bank account. We prefer online payment and discourage paper check.

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