Award Nomination Started


Dear writers,

Currently we are nominating authors to Orison Anthology.

It has been a long journey of our journal Contemporary Literary Review India (CLRI) that promotes new and famous authors alike. CLRI publishes a wide variety of creative pieces including research papers, critical essays, stories, poems, book reviews, film reviews, arts and photography of the best quality of the time. See about CLRI here. In addition to publishing articles, we do a lot of promotional activities. We nominate our authors to various awards such as Write Well Award, Orison Books, Best of the Net and others.

Authors Nomination

We nominate authors published with CLRI to various prizes and awards. The first step towards this is we declare best papers in the fields of research papers and fiction writing on our website. We urge the writers to submit their best papers and writings to us so we can promote them with the greatest verve.

How Nomination is Done?

Best papers are selected on the following parameters.

  1. Whether your papers/writings follow our publishing guidelines. Hence, it is important that you format your papers/writings in compliance with our guidelines. This is the first step towards this process. We select best papers/writings at our end and only select writings from this list are nominated to other prizes and awards.
  2. Your papers/writings must be well written and edited and free of plagiarism. Base your fiction, both poem/stories, on some format, use symbolism, allegories, and blah blah blah…
  3. Wider readership. Once your writings are published is not the end of the game. Share the news across all social media networks you are on including Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Pinterest and others to polarize about your publication. As much viewership you drive, so much is the high possibility of your writing being selected for nomination. To drive viewership, always post link to your writing to our website, do not paste your writing from our website.