An Ode to Reds, Greens and Blues

The Morning, The Tree, The Rain, The Ocean

  • Shailey Bellamkonda Vidyaranya High School


Ode to Reds, Greens and Blues is a poem by Shailey Bellamkonda.


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Author Biography

Shailey Bellamkonda, Vidyaranya High School

Shailey Bellamkonda, 16, is a voracious reader and loves playing piano. Her poetry and fiction got published in multiple anthologies and magazines. She also won international honors likes of Scott Fitzgerald International Museum Literary Award and The Himalayan Writing Retreat.

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Bellamkonda, S. “An Ode to Reds, Greens and Blues”. Contemporary Literary Review India, Vol. 10, no. 3, Aug. 2023, pp. 186-90,