Book Review of My Subconsciously Feminist Father by Yashika Singla

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  • Yashika Singla
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Book Review of Yashika Singla's My Subconsciously Feminist Father by Nandini Bhatia.


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Nandini Bhatia, Blogger

Nandini Bhatia is a postgraduate in Psychology from Delhi University. She is an avid reader, who writes book reviews for publishers and writers. Her expertise as a reader and a writer lie in socio-political/historical issues as well as in literature themed in education, gender and culture. Her writing style focuses on uncovering the underlying subtext and context of a book.

Yashika Singla

Yashika Singla writes about how she and her two siblings (a sister and brother) were accidentally raised as feminists by her very ignorant-in-the-matter father, simply because he believed in the concept of fairness and, together with her mother, made an honest attempt to raise their three children equally.

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