• Sadia Riaz Sehole


Reborn by Sadia Riaz Sehole


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Author Biography

Sadia Riaz Sehole

Born and brought up in Lahore, Pakistan, Sadia Riaz Sehole acquired her early education in science, though she later  pursued her academic career in Literature. She is currently residing in Lahore, Pakistan and working over her PhD dissertation. She is a teacher, researcher and a utopian who is too much absorbed in the world of ideas. She has already written for various newspapers and research journals. For her writing is a vent of feelings, agony, dilemmas, chaos, evens and odds in life. She wants to be a maseeha for the shattered souls and reform the humanity by inculcating positivity in them through her writing.

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Sehole, S. “Reborn”. Contemporary Literary Review India, Vol. 3, no. 3, Aug. 2016, pp. 40-45, doi:10.201411/clri.v3i3.260.