Dalit Struggle and Subjugation Through The Centuries

  • Sharonee Dasgupta


Our society is marked by its hypocrisy. On the one hand, our constitution guarantees equal rights to all its citizens yet the reality is just the contrary. Hierarchy continues to exist at every stratum in the society. Instead of bridging the gap in the society, this further feeds inequality on the basis of caste, class, gender, and what not. India has been portrayed as a land with unique and yet striking differences, the Indian national identity has been evolving over the past century.

Keywords: Dalit literature, dalit struggle and subjugation, centuries old society, backward society, Indian society

Author Biography

Sharonee Dasgupta

Sharonee Dasgupta is an independent researcher based in New Delhi. She recently completed her MPhil in Comparative Indian Literature from Delhi University. Her areas of research include pulp fiction, Indian novels, folktales, Dalit autobiographies and Nigerian fictions

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