The Conflict Between the Individual and the Society as Portrayed in Anita Nair’s Fiction

  • Raghu vamsi Dantuluri
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Conflict finds its space in the inner layers of human mind as the relationship cracks and the perspective of the individual and the outside entity lies in contrast owing to the fact of parasitism that operates and spreads its tentacles in varied forms of life. The conflict creates fissures in the psyche and uproots him from the comfort zone. It even prompts him to question his position in the society and the individual takes the path towards liberation crossing the moods of introspection and analysis. When the individual gets liberated, he gets into the flexible mode that accommodates an exclusive space to connect himself with the outer world. It makes him move forward in the pursuit of eternal happiness that shapes him as a complete individual. Anita Nair through her works makes an attempt to portray the intricacy of the relationship that man shares with the world. She delves into the portals of human psyche and reveals the effect of change on man as the natural instinct pressurizes him towards the aspect of static form.

key words: Conflict,human mind, society,intricacy,relationship.


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