Comparative Study of Women in Tara and Final Solutions

  • Akansha Barthwal
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This paper shows how Mahesh Dattani, a contemporary Indian writer in English, draws his inspiration to write from the bitter realities of the world, particularly society. The society of India is based on patriarchy, where the male is the centre of power and authority, and his power is unquestionable. There is no freedom, space, voice and stand of other members of the house specially the women. The position of women is always ambiguous where she struggles. In the plays of Dattani the women characters are trapped in the clutches of patriarchy and suffer.

Keywords: Mahesh Dattani’s plays, patriarchic society, women characters, women’s freedom, Indian society, Indian English literature.


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Author Biography

Akansha Barthwal

Akanksha Barthwal is a poet and writer. Her poems have appeared with many journals including The Taj Mahal Review. She is a post-graduate in English Literature and a graduate in German Honours. Presently, Barthwal is looking forward for a Ph.D. degree. The areas of her research and interest are Indian Writing in English, Literary Theory and Criticism, British Poetry and Drama, Feminist Literary Theory and Gender Studies.


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