Prof Shiv Sethi in Conversation with Sourish Roy

  • Dr Prof Shiv Sethi
  • Sourish Roy
Keywords: Sourish Roy, literary journals India, online English Interview publiher, Peer reviewed literary journal, High impact factor journal


Prof Shiv Sethi interviews Sourish Roy, the author of Tales From Bengal.


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Author Biographies

Dr Prof Shiv Sethi

Dr Prof. Shiv Sethi is an international acclaimed columnist, literary critic and book reviewer. He has reviewed the works of the most famous authors all across the globe.

Sourish Roy

Sourish Roy, an M.A. in English (Burdwan University) and B.Ed. (North Bengal University), took to writing at an early stage of his life with literary collaborations in the wall magazines and annual magazines in school and college. His stories have been previously published in local English and Bangla magazines and pamphlets. His critical essays have also been provided space in some academic books. His essay “Sports Education in India: A Culture in Consternation” had been published by New Academic Publishers, New Delhi.

TALES FROM BENGAL (Bigfoot Publications) is his debut attempt in the ambit of fictionalized composition. ‘The Handyman’, one of the nine stories of the book, has already been finalized to be adapted into a film. Also, another independent short story, ‘Exoneration’ published by Half Baked Beans, has been decided to be staged up into its theatrical adaptation by one of the renowned dramatic associations of West Bengal.

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Sethi, D. P. S., and S. Roy. “Prof Shiv Sethi in Conversation With Sourish Roy”. Contemporary Literary Review India, Vol. 6, no. 3, Aug. 2019, pp. 59-65, doi:10.201411/clri.v6i3.417.