I’m Pretty Sure God is a Feminist

  • Pooja Lakshman Rao Nil
Keywords: Feminism, Modern Views, Mythology, Interpretation


This essay talks about the emergence of feminist views from as far back as when Gods roamed the Earth. It hypothesizes that feminism not only originatedin but is promoted by the entire body of work - mythology - that is often considered propogator of the word of God. With examples from Hindi mythological stories like Ramayana and Mahabharatha, the essay analyzes the treatment of Feminism and the interpretation of the same in modern culture.


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Author Biography

Pooja Lakshman Rao, Nil

Pooja Lakshman Rao is an aspiring author and a techie. She pursued her first love, writing, as a student journalist while working with the celebrity editor, Chetana Belegere at the popular infotainment magazine, "The Students”. She has been published in popular newspapers like The Hindu as a child poet, and since then, freelanced as a Short Story Writer with California-based web magazine.

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Rao, P. “I’m Pretty Sure God Is a Feminist”. Contemporary Literary Review India, Vol. 11, no. 1, Feb. 2024, pp. 134-8, https://www.literaryjournal.in/index.php/clri/article/view/839.