Book Review on Sadhna Shanker’s Ascendance

  • Prof. Shiv Sethi
  • Sadhna Shanker
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Set far away from the present  day conundrum -stricken life on earth,   “Ascendance”   by   Sadhna   Shanker endeavours to explore the idea of new social constructs and tries to imagine life in remote future. The author catagorises the book as a literary science fiction which is a little dystopian in temperament. Unlike conventional science books, “Ascendance” does not portray the conflict of human beings with aliens and machines. The book skilfully depicts the eventual change brought in by science in the lives of men and women with a tinge of   philosophy. It lays more   emphasis on the philosophical assessment rather than the enthralling occurrences. The whodunit factor of the book entices  a mystery loving brain and calls for more attention towards its subject, where you are tempted to compare the world delineated in the novel to our Earth.

Title: Ascendance
Author: Sadhna Shanker
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Available: Amazon.


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Author Biographies

Prof. Shiv Sethi

Prof. Shiv Sethi (Ph D, M Phil, four times MA) is the Head of the Department of English language and Linguistics at Dev Samaj Post Graduate College For Women Ferozepur for the last 17 years.

His research articles have been published in various journals of international repute including The Tribune, The Hindu, The Hindustan Times, The New Indian Express, The Deccan Herald, The Hitavada, and The Daily post and in several newspapers of neighboring countries like Nepal and Pakistan. He has presented his papers at various universities in India and abroad. He is a guide for research scholars for M Phil thesis.

Sadhna Shanker

Sadhna Shanker is an Indian author, blogger and civil servant. Ascendance is her fifth book and second fiction work after “Never a Disconnect’ in 2010. She has written for the International Herald Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Indian Express, Huffington Post and The Wire. A PhD in Economics, she is a passionate wordsmith and has an avid interest in books, movies and theatre. She lives in New Delhi and is in the Indian Revenue Service.

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