Book Review on Sagarika Ghose’s Why I am Liberal

  • Satinderpal Singh Bawa
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A senior journalist and columnist Sagarika Ghose’s ‘Why I am Liberal’ is related with individual freedom. She focuses on the contemporary social, political and economic issues in India, especially those which are imposed on individual freedoms by the Big Government(s). The democratic values; liberty, equality and justice have  been continually trembling because the Big Governments are imposing the number of new norms in the name of so-called ‘nationalism’ which leads to destabilise and damage the social fabric of India.

Title: Why I am Liberal
Author: Sagarika Ghose
Publisher: Penguin Viking
Available: Flipkart


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Satinderpal Singh Bawa

Satinderpal Singh Bawa is a writer based in New Delhi.

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