Mirabai (Make me your teacher), Mirabai (Is there a time limit), Mirabai (While you were waiting)

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Mirabai (Make me your teacher), Mirabai (Is there a time limit), and Mirabai (While you were waiting) are the poems by Kyle Vaughn.


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Author Biography

Kyle Vaughn, none

Kyle Vaughn is the author of Calamity Gospel (Cerasus Poetry, 2023), The Alpinist Searches Lonely Places (Belle Point Press, 2022), and Lightning Paths: 75 Poetry Writing Exercises (NCTE Books, 2018) and the co-author/co-photographer of A New Light in Kalighat (American Councils for International Education, 2013).

His poems have appeared in journals such as The Bangalore Review, The Journal, A-Minor, Adbusters, The Boiler, Drunken Boat, Poetry East, Vinyl, the museum of americana (2022 Best of the Net nomination), and The Shore (2021 Pushcart Prize nomination).

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Vaughn, K. “Mirabai (Make Me Your Teacher), Mirabai (Is There a Time Limit), Mirabai (While You Were Waiting)”. Contemporary Literary Review India, Vol. 10, no. 1, Feb. 2023, pp. 240-4, https://www.literaryjournal.in/index.php/clri/article/view/920.